Friday, January 15, 2010

Cardiologist and ENT

I know we have not been so good with the blog thing, who knew that chasing a toddler around the house would cause you to have no time to blog. Plus who knew the toddler wouldn't sleep and therefore we wouldn't sleep. Anyways, life is good we are busy but loving every minute. What a joy our little Gus is. We are so blessed and so thankful for every day.

So we have had a few Dr. appointments this week. The first was to the ENT to check out Gus' tiny ear canals and hearing. Gus did great his ear canals are about the size of a mm and they do have some wax in them both have caused him to have minor hearing loss. He was a such a little trooper. The ENT in Holland is referring us to an ENT in GR so that we can coordinate when Gus has to be put under for other procedures to have his ears cleaned out and then also to have a better hearing test done.

Yesterday was the Cardiologist, what a long day we were at Devos Children's Hopstial from 9:30 until 1:00. Again Gus did great! The Dr. was so pleased with the results of the ultrasound and heart test. Gus is showing only slight symptoms of pulmonary hypertension, he is only showing the ASD heart defect not the PSD like they had said. He will not be needing heart surgery anytime soon! YEA What an answer to prayer. Right now we are going to wean him off of his meds and see what happens to his pulmonary hypertension. We are also meeting with the pulmonologist next week Thursday, and then the cardiologist again in a month.

Gus is our little miracle kid, the Drs are amazed after getting all of his paperwork from Korea they can't believe what they are seeing when they meet Gus. Jason and I are not so surprised, God has been so faithful and the power of prayer is unbelievable. We knew this kid had a special connection with God! Thank you to all of you for your prayers, God has heard you and has faithfully provided for Gus.

Our healthy little boy is a prayer come true, who believes in dreams anymore when you serve a God like we do. We will try to keep this more up to date.

Gus is getting baptised on January 24 at Providence at the 11:00 service, we can't wait to thank God publicly for our little miracle.