Monday, November 23, 2009

Embassy Medical Report

Here is the current scoop. Gus has had his embassy medical appointment. The paperwork was faxed to Bethany at GR today but it came in Fuzzy. The person who has to fax it will not be back in the office until Wednesday to refax it. Bethany in GR should get it on Wednesday. Jason and I will hopefully be able to travel to GR on Wednesday to sign it. They will then expedite it back to Korea. Then we will get a travel call. Let's pray this all goes quickly and that we get that invitation to travel right after they receieve the paperwork. We are so thankful for this news and so close to thanksgiving. We are also so thankful to hear how much Gus has grown, up to 22 lbs and 30 inches. That he is sitting on his own, standing on his own, walking with furniture, saying ummamama and dadadada, eating rice fruit and other mashed foods, and has six teeth. We are also thankful for all of your prayers and support. HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVNG!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Waiting

We just got an update on "operation get Gus home." Gus' Visa was issued on October 23 and his Visa apporval is at the embassy. The next step is for Gus to get a medical exam and interview at the embassy. Once he has that they will email us a class B Letter which we will have to sign off on saying that we understand the health concerns that Gus has. Then they will send that back to Korea and we will get an invitiation to travel shortly after that. long? I ask, you ask, we all ask. There are never any clear cut answers with that question when it comes to adoption. They are hoping we travel within the next month and hopefully sooner. Please pray that we have something to be very thankful for for thanksgiving this year. Somehow, someway we would like Gus in our arms by Thanksgiving day. Also pray that they get him to get his medical exam ASAP! Thanks for your continued support and prayers.