Sunday, June 28, 2009

Please Pray

Hmmm how do I explain what has happened with our adoption process in the past week. I guess I will just type and hopefully it will make sense. We had all of our paperwork ready to be handed in on Monday including our immigration paperwork, two grant applications, and our finished homestudy to send to Korea. We were waiting on one piece of information that Korea is requiring. What we got with that piece of information was a request for some more information. Korea is very thourough and wants the best parents possible for their children. We think that is wonderful and are more than willing to show them that we will be good parents for Gus. just means it might take us a little longer. Please pray that this step will go quickly and that Korea will see our hearts for this little boy and know that we would be good parents for him.

On a happier note, Gus is sitting up for two seconds and then falling over, Way Cute! He also has his first tooth, one of his bottom front teeth. All good news hopefully he will keep progressing and keep growing.

Please keep praying for this process all of your prayers are being heard, thank you! Our family of three (and a half - Morgan) appreciates all of your support.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gus got a Haircut

I am so excited, we got some new pictures of Gus. He looks great! He got a haircut and doesn't have as much of that baby look anymore. He is already starting to look like a big boy. Someone from Bethany went to Korea and was able to meet Gus and take some pictures. She says that he is really sweet but sickly. She said that he eats well, but doesn't gain much weight. She also mentioned that he adores the woman at the orphange caring for him. HMMM a flirt must get that from his Daddy. We are waiting for the home study to be complete and then we take the next step with the US and Korean government. We also can start applying for grants. Current prayer requests: Gus will continue to gain weight and strength and stay healthy, that the paperwork trail will go smoothly and quickly, that we will get enough grants to help cover the cost, and then of course patience (we are ready to meet him and we think he is ready to meet us as well).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Safe to Travel!

We had our last home study visit at our house yesterday. It went really well, I cleaned like crazy even though our social worker told us we didn't have to. The meeting in general was a little over whelming we went over a lot of what is to come paperwork and that is a lot. Worth it, but a lot. The great news though, Gus' doctors in Korea said that he would be fine for travel. We were very concerned that it would be detramental to his health to travel and if that was the case we didn't want to do anything to make him sicker. This was a huge relief for us and another reminder that God has a plan with this. The next step is filling out some paperwork and getting fingerprinted. We also have to check with the health department to get updated on any shots we need. We do not know for sure any time frame yet but it could be as soon as four months that we get to meet and bring home our little Gus. Please continue to pray for Gus' health, for the paperwork process that it would go smoothly and quickly and continued patience for Jason and I. Thank you for all of your support.